August 10, 2013

Thalaivaa Movie - Micro Review

Director: A. L. Vijay 
Cast: Vijay, Amala Paul, Satyaraj, Santhanam, Abhimanyu Singh, Suresh, Nassar, Ponvannan, Manobala and Sam Anderson (Cameo Appearance)
Music: G. V. Prakash


In the first half of the movie, Vishwa (Vijay) is portrayed as a mineral water supplier and as a dancer in Australia. Meera (Amala Paul) pretends to be Vishwa's love interest and manages an Indian restaurant in Australia. Yes, she just pretends because she is actually a police officer from Crime Branch in India. She plots a clever plan with Suresh (who pretends to be Meera's father) in order to bring back Vishwa to India and arrest Vishwa's father Ramadurai a.k.a. Anna (Sathyaraj) because nobody knows where Anna is living in Mumbai. According to the plan, Meera joins Vishwa's Sydney famous dance group "Tamil Pasanga", makes him fall in love with her, proposes him and takes him to India to seek the approval of Anna. Until Vishwa reaches India, he is unaware of what exactly his father does. Forget that, he does not even know his house address in Mumbai. Anna is a very famous figure in Mumbai who not only helps the poor and needy but also fights against injustice. He has earned the respect of many people in Mumbai which has caused him a lot of trouble. His enemies have done some golmaal and want the police to arrest him. When Vishwa gets back to India with Meera, Anna reveals this truth and Vishwa also gets to know about Meera's plot. Soon after, Anna dies in a bomb blast which was not intended by Meera. Vishwa wants to take up the position of Anna but his chitappa (Ponvannan) refuses and tries to send him back to Australia. But Vijay recollects his father's golden words- "This is a one way path. One cannot step back. In the end, what goes away, is only life. Once you take up aruval (sword) in your hand, you should fight for justice". Finally, Vishwa's chitappa turns out to be a back stabber (literally). But, Vishwa kills all those who had conspired his father's death. Meera, as a responsible police officer helps him out in various instances and also quits her job in the end and marries Vishwa. Then the movie finishes off with the words- "Time to lead"! 

On the whole, it was difficult to digest Vijay's transition from a dancer to a leader and Amala Paul's drastic change from a pretty lass to a police officer. The dance moves in "Tamil Pasanga" song was really nice. "Vaanganna Vanakkanganna" song made the audience whistle like anything. "Sol Sol" is my favourite but this song was not to a part of the movie. Sathyaraj had done justice to his role and for some strange reason, the Anna character reminded me of my grandfather. As usual, Santhanam's comedy was top notch. Adding to that, Sam Anderson's cameo appearance was out-of-the-box comedy. First half of the movie was interesting. Second half was little boring. Nothing extra-ordinary in this movie but Thalapathy fans will enjoy it. 

March 30, 2013

My So-Called-Best-Friend

When I was feeling low,
You smiled and hugged me tight and slow.

Your hug was always warm
But I didn't know that it would sting my heart like a bee swarm.

Your smile was really soothing
But I didn't think that you were the friend I was losing.

Because, one fine day, you stabbed my back with a knife
And I will never forget it in my life.

Later, you said sorry
But our friendship looked very blurry.

You said you hurt me by mistake
But that was a lie which made my heart break.

All you actually wanted was name and fame
And now, it looks like I'm playing the blame game.

I can forgive but I'm not able to forget
Because, the trust I had on you, makes me regret.

I could have forgetten if you were my enemy
But as a best friend, how could you back stab me?

Remeber one thing, my so-called-best-friend:
When you start winning arguments, you start losing people in the end!

February 4, 2013

Kadal Movie - Micro Review

Director: Mani Ratnam
Cast: Gautham Karthik (son of Karthik), Thulasi (daughter of Radha), Arvind Swamy, Arjun and Ponvannan
Music: A. R. Rahman

Kadal is a beautiful movie which revolves around the lives of Christian fishermen. It throws light on Jesus and Satan, directly represented by Arvind Swamy (Father Sam Fernando) and Arjun (Bergmans) respectively. The hero Gautham Karthik (Thomas) is caught between these two men in different stages of his life. He explores both the good and evil ways to lead his life and finally chooses the right path with the influence of the heroine Thulasi (Bea). In the end, the good triumphs over the evil.

The music is synced well with the movie. The background score creates a good ambience for the scenes. The choreography brings out the best in Gautham Karthik. Thulasi looks like an angel in her white dress throughout the movie and she suits the role of Bea perfectly. The cinematography is very realistic and you will have the feeling of getting washed away by the waves by the end of the movie. Though the dialogues are in colloquial language, they are clearly understandable unlike the dialogues in other Mani Ratnam's movies.

Overall, it's an amazing movie with a simple story which slightly touches the subject of philosophy. You just need lots of patience to watch it!

November 21, 2012

Birthday Wishes For My Friend

Every time I think of my school days, there's one particular girl's face that flashes on my mind. If there's any girl with whom I've never had a fight right from my childhood, it's only her. She's the one who listens to all my silly problems. She's the one who can take all my emotional dramas. She's the one who sticks around even when I don't pick up her phone calls or reply to her messages. She's the one who loves me when I give her every reason not to. She is none other my best friend Sahana. Today is her 23rd birthday. May all that's bright and beautiful, fill her heart with happiness. Happy birthday. 

P.S.: Sahana, this world is filled with many uncertainties but one thing is always certain- I will be your friend beyond words, time and distance. Many more happy returns of the day!

November 20, 2012


Few weeks back, I had been to Orion mall with my mom for Diwali shopping. She suddenly entered into Titan showroom, took a glance at all the watches displayed there and she really liked one particular watch. She wanted to buy it but that watch was to be sold along with another watch. Those two watches (one men's watch and one women's watch) are known as "Titan Bandhan" and they are little costly. She could have bought it but she thought she could buy it some time later when there is discount.
Today is my parents' 24th wedding anniversary. All these years, I've never bought any gift for them on their special day. Yesterday I suddenly felt I should buy those "Bandhan watches" and surprise my parents. That's what I did. I went to a Titan showroom nearby, quickly bought those watches with the money I had earned during my summer internship, got it gift wrapped and kept it on a table in our drawing room. When my parents woke up in the morning, they were really surprised to find a gift and they were more surprised when they saw those two watches. That smile on their face was really priceless.

Thought my parents have difference of opinions most of the times, they complement each other perfectly, just like those two watches!

August 14, 2012

She Stood Up For Me!

We were six of us (all girls) in my Spark car, enjoying the drive back home from college on the muddy roads of Anekal village. Suddenly from no where, two drunkards came zooming in their bike and bumped into my car! I was stunned for a moment. Amulya, one of my close friends, warned me not to stop as it was not my mistake. I was concerned about those two guys and I had no clues that they were drunk. The moment I got down from the car, around 15-20 villagers surrounded us and started blaming us for the accident. I was so shocked that I was shivering and I couldn't say a single word. One of the drunkards sat inside my car and demanded me to take him to the nearby hospital though he was not really hurt while the villagers were yelling at me for no reason. It was then I saw my friend in action. Amulya stepped out of the car and literally yelled back at all those 20 village men! Those men were so furious and they could have done anything to her but she was trying her best to defend me. Luckily, before the situation could go out of control, four of our class mates (all guys) came to our rescue.

There are many situations in my life when I have failed to stand up for myself and this was one among them. It made me feel very brave when she was beside me and when she stood up for me. Though it was a simple act, I will never forget it!

P.S.: Amulya, I know you will read this someday. Thanks a lot for being there for me. Love you lots!

July 21, 2012

Billa 2 Movie - Micro Review

To be very frank, Billa 2 is not as good as Billa 1. But as Ajith's fan and Yuvan's fan, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Ajith's stylish acting and Yuvan's striking music always makes a good combo. Not even a single minute in the movie was boring.

All the songs are really trendy. The moves in each song was very appropriate and also captured very well. I wonder why the theme music was not played right from the beginning. Only after the interval, you get to hear the theme music. Out of all songs, I was excited to watch the "Gangster" song because it's got my favourite music director, Yuvan in it. I expected this song in the very beginning but was shown only in the end of the movie. The song "Idhayam" sounds very romantic and I expected this song somewhere in the middle of the movie but this song was not at all shown anywhere in the movie. The background music is damn powerful and makes the movie worth watching!

The fight scenes were on par with those in Hollywood movies. The helicopter stunt in climax was the best. 

If you are Ajith's fan, you will not regret watching this movie because the way he walks and talks is simply stunning. His clothes in this movie is simple when compared to his attire in Billa 1. The way he portrays his attitude as David Billa is dazzling. Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna have got very less acting scenes in the movie. It is totally one man show and Thala Ajith has done his part well. If you think that the movie is just average, blame the director, Chakri Toleti.